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We Enjoyed Almost 1:1 Training

David and Sheena Watters 15/03/2015
We enjoyed almost 1:1 training from professional sailors (and teachers!) and enjoyed it immensely. We also came away with enhanced skills, knowledge and confidence plus a whole load of tips to use on our own boat.

I Felt Completely Safe At All Times

Anothony ‘Archie’ Marler 19/07/2015
Just returned from a superb week taking the Competent Crew course. Shane’s tuition was fantastic and with only three on the boat there is plenty of time to practice and because of that things stick. With three different levels of skill on the boat Shane’s ability to deliver the right bits of information to each individual was uncanny. But be aware you CANNOT get away with saying the wind shifted and that’s why you came off the heading because even when he was down in the cabin he knows!!
The boat is immaculate and all the marina’s we berthed in had good facilities with plenty of places to grab a beer at the end of the day or a meal… not that any of use really wanted to because the food on the boat (freshly prepared by Debbie) was top notch. Overall a great location and it’s tidal too.
As a novice sailor I felt completely safe at all times and will certainly return to continue my training. The booking process was easy too and Debbie ensured my transfer back for a tight flight time was organised and confirmed.
Thoroughly recommended!!

Tuition Is Excellent

Kevin and Jane Lockwood 12/07/2015
Instruction by Shane was very informative with a great deal of patience! I would thoroughly recommend anyone doing Day Skipper course to do it with ‘go-n-sail’. Tuition is excellent with a good size yacht and the food is brilliant.

The Yacht Was Immaculate

Alistair Conquer & Carol Lawson 25/10/13
Despite adverse weather conditions, we learnt, practised and gained understanding in many skills relating to tidal waters. We were able to practise and improve our skills in a safe and relaxed enviroment (even though I did not always looked relaxed!) the yacht was immaculate and the base was outstanding.
Making a long weekend of it worked really well and we enjoyed exploring the town and local area. The transfer worked well too! Thank you!

We Had an Amazing Time!

Helen, Jed Langton & Ollie Smith – 27/06/2015
As a family unit we had a amazing time, it was challenging but very rewarding experience for us all and one that we won’t forget. Apart from the fantastic location and building of sailing skills it was brilliant to be able to work together as a family and build new bonds. The boat is beautiful, the area we sailed beautiful, the freshly cooked food far exceeded our expectations and Shane and Debbie are great people to learn with. We would say they go the extra mile to support students, not just on the boat but during shoretime when they took us to local bars and helped us get to know the best spots for food, wine, beer and anythng else we needed including a drive to the pharmacy for some unexpected sea sickness pills and extra supplies of fruit that we were enjoying. They were also very generous in allowing us time using the boat facilities whilst waiting for our flight departure on our last day. We aer all very much looking forward to more sailing miles as a result of our experience.

I Would Recommend a Course With Go-n-Sail!

Gareth Allen 23/11/2014
A lovely week with lovely people. Shane and Debbie combine a perfect mix of a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with calm and confident tuition to really get the best out of their students. A wealth of experience to draw from in a beautiful location. I would recommend a course with go-n-sail to novice and experienced sailors alike.

Guaranteed, No Ice Breakers Necessary With Shane and Debbie

Jonathan Gibbons 05/10/14
Unfortunately I have just returned from a 5-day trip with Shane and Debbie for the RYA Day Skipper Practical. I fully agree with other reviews. I gave 5-stars as this is the maximum allowed otherwise I would have given more.
I thoroughly enjoyed the training with expert tuition. Shane is very knowledgeable and is willing to share his considerable experience with incredible patience and a good sense of humour. Guaranteed, no ice breakers necessary with Shane and Debbie, everyone onboard (and ashore) feel part of the team. The food is divine, especially Debbie’s onboard omelette! The yacht is in excellent condition and very comfortable throughout, including individual cabins.
I certainly will be back onboard with Shane and Debbie in the not too distant future.

I Would Not Hesitate to Recommend Go-n-Sail

Sue Grant 17/11/13
Found Shane and Debbie very approachable, professional and efficient. All the subjects I needed to go over were covered and I found some more of interest. Buoy mooring tips were great as well as parking in marina berths – just these alone were worth the trip for me. El Rubicon was excellently presented and well equipped. Particularly grateful to Debbie for finding me a short pair of spray pants – not an easy thing. Shane was an excellent instructor who enabled me to gain confidence again – no mean feat! Debbie was excellent in her instruction as well as administration. What particularly invited me to book a course with Go-n-Sail was Shane and Debbie’s friendly and professional approach when meeting them at the Southampton Boat Show with my own cabin and small number of people on the course. Go-n-Sail had been very good in matching my skills and requirements with the others on board which resulted in a very enjoyable week. I would not hesitate to recommend Go-n-Sail to others and may also return for another week next year.

On a Scale of 1 to 10, Go-n-Sail rate 15!

Keith, Charles & Will Arnot 07/09/14
We had a brilliant few days with Shane on El Rubicon. The instruction was serious but we had lots of fun and laughs. Shane was unbelievably knowledgeable and patient. On a scale of 1 to 10, go-n-sail rate 15! Many Many thanks!

Shane was an excellent teacher

Helen Hunt 13/09/2014
Shane was an excellent teacher. Patient, happy to be asked all manner of questions – no matter how trivial. Lots of positive reinforecement. I learnt alot – more than I’d hoped for. Also, because there were so few of us on the boat there was plenty of opportunity to practise everything that was needed.

The 1:3 instructor:student ratio that they maintain is a HUGE advantage

Aliaksei Maistrou 23/08/14
It was absolutely fantastic time I spent with Shane and Debbie end of August when pursuing the RYA day skipper qualification. I would describe the whole training in just 2 words – professional and personal. Professional it is on all levels: starting from communication before the course, through the condition of the yacht, and to the consistency, structure and quality of the training itself. Personal it is starting from the day one you getting in touch with Debbie, who is so helpful in clarifying any questions/concerns you may have. And personal it is through the whole course – Shane and Debbie loved hanging out together with us students every evening and were truly open all the time!
Debbie prepared different home made meals for every day we were on board for lunch and dinner (for me it was 2 weeks in total). Taking into account the whole logistics of that (collecting all the ingredients though the week, cooking, packing, transporting) and how it tasted, I call that the damn delicious heroism! It was fantastic and so personal.
Shane simply loves teaching sailing and does it very very well, with truly unlimited patience, explaining over and over again if you did not get or forgot something. He has never raised his voice during the 2 weeks we have been on board. Taking into account all the mistakes students make, I respect and value this so much.
The 1:3 instructor:student ratio that they maintain is just HUGE advantage you get at the end of the day. Compared to 1:5 ratio, it is simply 65% more time you do exercises, and thus getting 65% more proficient during the same amount of time spent on board, ensuring safer sailing when doing it alone after the course.

The Whole Course Was Absolutely Perfect

Mike & Moira Pritchard 23/08/14
Cannot thank you and Shane enough, the whole course was absolutely perfect, Shane’s patience, super clean boat, fab food, local experiences, teaching ratio, teaching skills, we have both learnt so much and in a way that we will retain it. Will be back for day skipper but only with go-n-sail. Once again thank you

Had a Great Week and a Reality Check!

David Stephenson 26/07/14
Had a great week and a reality check ! The week gave me pointers to work on before I finally take my exam. Thanks for your help.


Ailsa Hope 26/07/14
Your courses are so well thought out from every aspect, the only thing I could even contemplate commenting on is that the sign in the heads explaining how they operate could be at eye level as it not only gives you something to read but if you have any doubts it is a good memory jogger.

Extremely Good Teaching Style

Mike Grove 19/07/14
Extremely good teaching style. Informed and encouraging. I enjoyed the week immensely and have recommended to friends and colleagues.

This Was My Second Trip

Ian Flexer 25/10/13
This was my second trip aboard El Rubicon and I can thoroughly recommend go-n-sail for any sail training. Hopefully I can return for Coastal Skipper one day.

Thank You So Much

Pamela Cumming 05/09/13
Debbie, as you know I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with sailing until this point, not too confident, seasickness and so much to learn. However, I am very happy to say that has turned around completely thanks to my Competent Crew course with Shane. I have found my sea legs after 5 days on board with no sickness, can actively and knowledgeably take part in our sailing partnership and can actually teach Gus a few tricks on our boat! I had a really great week with great company and apprecicated Shane’s calm approach to all matters sailing! I have even dared to think of my Day Skipper qualification with Shane! Thank you so much.

Absolutely Delighted With the Whole Experience

Andrew Briggs 01/06/014
Go-n-sail were recommended to me by a friend who has completed several courses with go-n-sail and with whom I have recently purchased a yacht. I was absolutely delighted with the whole experience, it was both informative and very enjoyable and I would not hesitate in recommending go-n-sail to others. I will certainly be returning to complete other courses in the future.

Shane and Debbie Were Very Flexible and Helpful

Alan Hendon & Lyndsay Smith 10/05/14
Both Shane and Debbie were very flexible and helpful in adapting to our personal circumstances. The tuition was comprehensive, non-pressurised and made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable, with a Day Skipper certificate at the end of the 5 days. The opportunity to have a minimal numnber of students under tuition with Shane makes this course different and more attractive than that offered by other sailing schools.

We Look Forward to Sailing With Them Again

Dave & Alanna Scanlon 08/03/2014
Shane and Debbie made learning easy and sailing fun. They are patient teachers and warm hosts who give you 100 per cent of their attention. We look forward to sailing with them again.

I’ll Be Going Back For More

John Bird 02/03/2014
I’ll be going back for more sailing and/or Yachtmaster. El Rompido, the tapas were excellent!

It Was a Very Enjoyable Week

Ian McHugh 23/11/2013
It was a very enjoyable week. I will probably get back in touch when I have done a bit more sailing to do a yachtmaster prep course… not sure which one yet!

Food Was Amazing

Esther Marie Woolley & Vince Middleton 23/11/13
Well done great fun and time spent learning….food was amazing too

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