This frequently asked question is common amongst students, we always recommend getting afloat as quickly as possible following your RYA sailing course, for some this is easy whilst others struggle to make it back on the water within 12 months let alone a few weeks or months.

Unfortunately this leads to partial memory loss as the skills learnt have not yet been consolidated, naturally frustration can creep in and the student can become disillusioned. Needless to say this benefits nobody, so to try and eliviate the time lapse go-n-sail is now offering a Crew finder service. To use this FREE service just register your interest with Debbie along with type of trip you would like to Crew on, for boat owners looking for Crew again please let Debbie know what you can offer. Please note we will only introduce potential crew members to yachts and vice versa, we cannot accept any responsibility as this is an introductory service only.

Getting afloat need not be difficult and sharing an adventure often enhances the experience. So register your interest and let the adventure begin.

Happy sailing

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